Hey There!

I'm so glad your here, finally getting to meet ME, the person behind the camera! I'm Mariana Tey, a wedding, elopement, and couples photographer for the adventurous + wildly in love. I'm based in the awesome city of  Portland, Oregon, but also available worldwide. I love traveling (I mean duh who doesn't), drinking coffee, wearing comfy sweatshirts, hiking, and  doing basically anything that takes me outdoors. I'm also a follower of Christ and believe in the powerful grace of Jesus. I'm married to the coolest guy ever, Vlad. We spend most of our time being totally goofy with each other, eating good food, laughing our heads off, and  exploring the beautiful pacific northwest in our jeep wrangler. He's the one who pushes me everyday to chase after my dreams and live every day to the fullest. 


Ever since I was young I had a crazy strong passion for art and eventually down the road I found my love for photography. But honestly at first, it wasn't even my plan to become a photographer, taking photos was just something I loved doing on the side while exploring and traveling. So I  ended up going to school and getting my Associates degree in Graphic design.  I'm such a people's person, so after graduating I realized that I didn't like the idea of sitting everyday for hours behind a computer screen. I wanted to meet new people (like you!), build relationships, and impact others. Through photography I knew that I could pursue that dream. I picked up my old camera and  completely fell in love with documenting totally ADVENTUROUS and WILDLY in  love couples! So here I am, a young girl who chased her dreams, and now doing what I absolutely love!

I'm about capturing the genuine, emotional, and perfectly imperfect moments that tell a story. I'm not the photographer who takes super staged or posed photos because c'mon, lets be real, those aren't the photos that make your heart skip a beat. I'm a visual storyteller, I strive to capture the effortless laughs, the raw emotion, and those moments that you simply can't put into words. I want to  give you  something you'll look back on again and again, photos that'll take you back to precious moments and memories and make you feel the things you felt. And plus I pinky promise I'll make this experience fun for you and your cutie from beginning to the end!  I mean are you not excited already?!  Because I know I am!  LOVE  is the GREATEST adventure ever, so let me capture your totally beautiful and wild love story :)